The Translucent Soul

The Translucent Soul

Awake we praise
These screams for days
Inside a haze
Flows through this maze

Which plays its prey
Until the day
It rips it whole
Then fades away

It’s blood runs black
It see through cracks
No matter what
It still attacks

And cuts right through
The translucent soul
It finds a hole
Collects its toll

And in the end
You’ll see my face
Through time and space
We end the chase

When we fight
against the grain
The world decides
And provides pain

So I smile
As you cut my throat
To you, my blood
I wholeheartedly devote

Exchanges shortchanged
A single lapse that sparked collapse
Perhaps the traps that you were setting
Had me betting twelve on craps

A spin around the wheel,
Feel estranged in destined change,
In denial, all the while,
This trial was falsely  prearranged…


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