Is Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show to pursue the 2016 Presidential Race? #JonStewartForPresident

#JonStewartForPresident  #stewart2016  #thedailypresidentstewart 2016

Back in February, Jon Steward made the announcement that he will be leaving The Daily Show somewhere between July and December. He hasn’t in fact said what he intends on doing after he leaves, but there has been speculation. After years of being the funny, easy-going and most trusted news source on television, all wrapped up in a hysterical package, it seems like a natural transition for someone of his integrity, character, intelligence and following to make the move into seriously making a difference from the inside.

As far as Ted Cruz is concerned, that is a laughable joke of a suggestion and I won’t even make the paragraph mentioning that knuckle-dragger longer than this one run-on sentence, and only in disdain of his ridiculousness.

Now, as far as what I’m reading, I personally believe that at NO point, do we need another Bush or a Clinton as president, period. That passing the presidency around the family, like it’s a joint, needs to stop NOW. I shouldn’t have to mention the countless proven and alleged claims, regarding the nefariousness of the Bush family and their dealings in politics as something that should be highlighted and could easily be quelled by IGNORING them as a possibility for leaders. Your family did it, you sucked, especially the second time, now go away. We don’t need your brother to get a turn because that sounds fair to you. We decide who leads us and WE decide who should go away, and the Bush family should go way the hell away from politics.

Go spend your stolen money and keep your opinions out of the decision-making of our country, our America. A father and a son is too much as it is, if anything, there should be a law against another member of a family running for President after the fact. There are more than enough smart people who are great leaders out there; we don’t need the same recycled, completely corrupted, over-privileged, detestable wretches in the oval office.

I’m also not sure what kind of message it would send to the world to have a 3rd Bush with some good ol’ boy name like “Jeb” for president. That’s just a backwoods cliché at this point and we might as well have someone named Cletus, lead-us. (See what I did there?) No, don’t get me wrong, the name of the person isn’t supposed to be a factor, but it just helps my argument that the Bush in question is named like a Beverly Hillbillies character.

I am going to be brief when it comes to Hillary. I don’t trust her. I don’t believe a word she says and the fact that she has as much support as she does kind of makes me feel uncomfortable. And honestly, she easily had the ability to put her work and personal email on one phone, she’s just shady. If you need a first female president no matter what, regardless of who is opposing, there are several better candidates, especially Elizabeth Warren. She is an amazing choice and a genius.

I just want to state that I am affiliated with no party, have no agenda besides being bored for 30 minutes after watching the Daily Show and take my views strictly from history. I’m no expert, and rarely would I personally write anything resembling an article for this site, but it just came out, so I went with it.

There are probably countless things I haven’t seen regarding these issues on all sides, but at this point in time, this is how I feel and this is an Opinion piece.

My opinion is that we need a change, a HUGE change in the leadership practices and style of this country, from the President to Congress. First off, and not to go on a tangent but, LOBBYING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL and CORRUPTION IN THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE A TREASONABLE OFFENSE, starting with Congress.

Beyond those obvious, in my opinion, needed changes, we ACTUALLY DO seriously need someone like Jon Stewart to help fix this sinking ship. There are also great choices out there now, whether they run or not is another thing. I like Elizabeth Warren or someone like Bernie Sanders as President of the United States. Maybe even Rand Paul, who knows, I really like Ron, regardless of what he is labeled as and what the vast majority thought of some of his perhaps, overly progressive views. You know what they say about the vast majority, though.

I know this all sounds far-fetched, but tell me you wouldn’t love this sticker on your bumper?Pop-Dots1

That’s just my opinion and I’m sticking to it. You may like it, you may not, either way, at least you read it, so Thank You.  Leave a comment of how you feel regarding these issues.

This was intended to be a one paragraph, quick little quip about how I love John Stewart and how he should run for president. The issues involved are only touched on very lightly by me, with very little research and mostly my opinion. I just felt a little more needed to be mentioned about how I feel about this whole “government” situation coming into the 2016 election and coming out of one of, if not, the least productive year in Congressional history.
Here are some References from actual writers and actual websites:
The New Yorker :
The New York Times:

There’s even a Facebook page about it:

Here are some video quick highlights of Jon Stewart showing his skills…

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