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Azealia Banks vs Iggy Azalea? Forget the beef, who makes better music? Vote Now!


Anonymous Poll: Are You Racist?

With race being a number one discussion in the media lately, we decided to hold our own straw poll. The poll is completely anonymous and no one will know your answer. Help us figure out our state of affairs, Vote Now!

Does Coco Jones have a better version of the smash hit, Chandelier? Sia Furler vs Coco Jones, Let us know which version you think is better!

Sia’s original version…

Coco Jones version, similar to original but stamped as her own, especially toward the end…

And just for the hell of it, here is a duet cover I liked by Max and Alex G


Has “House of Cards” Jumped the Shark?

I watched season 1 and 2 like it was my religion but as Frank Underwood takes the Whitehouse, it seems his southern accent isn’t all the show has lost. Half of it feels like CSPAN…. What do you think?

Sad flash card videos

(You can vote at the end of this statement.) I want to preface this statement by saying that I understand a lot of people are having a hard time out there and I am in no way downplaying their hard time.  We here at DQMB feel that certain social practices, once they are virtually ubiquitous in today’s internet landscape, that it might be time to figure out a new creative way to be heard. Just our opinion and you can voice yours below as well. We feel that the practice has a new earned “Basic” quality due to its rampant overuse.

Please stop the sad videos where the person tells a story with flash cards, it’s old and been done a million times, stop, and get a creative bone in your body. It’s not PC, BUT I’M SAYING WHAT EVERYBODY’S THINKING.  If you’ve already done it, you’re grandfathered in, but please no more, we beg you..

My Sob Story from Chris Benton