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An (Agersh) free-write original, unedited


Proverbial hyperbole has got the best of me I stand as one beside myself – to the left of me; I handle guns; apply myself until the world has gone away; cause every day is exactly the same I got this crown of shit; so say my fucking name I got nothin; the song remains the same its fuckin lame; ima stop now rhymes ain’t my cash cow; I’ll stick to lines so put me on blast now;  I’m redefined consigned sublime and resigned; I’ll make a fast exit, a slow demise; you can watch now it’ll make you fuckin wise this ink stain on the sands of time like my name was ayn rand trying to find land its a race against a dime and it stops me all the time like a flare in this black hole sun I got my shoes on; its time to fuckin run I profligate time and space so tie this fuckin lace I faction observation – its granular so change the fuckin station. Idiosyncratic static; like I was mom and there’s flowers in the attic so save me; I need an organ donor put a tune to my disorder its criminal like law & fuckin order… I’m like an inkjet out of fuckin toner so let this ink set then cast me out to sea into the blood let my conscience settle scores against this dim lit glory let the rebels yell they try to tell the story caustic thoughts of the unsung hung stung stuck fucked on the bottom rung I’m a bottom dweller cellar seller sold cold Hellen Keller answering cheese graters chewing now and hater laters sipping hater aids of lazy motorcade’s infection natural selection reflectin time between innocence and not know how now;  I was him and i spurn through you. floating nine millimeters inside of nowhere ripe with complication it’s time to change the station.

– Agersh